Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wow! So big up to Kajfa. He game me some solid feedback and pointed out a lot of problems.

1. What is this going to be? Trying out some painting techniques? A portfolio piece? 

2. I've also been showcasing this artwork on a blog and it's a bit unweildy. It needs to be set up in such a way that you can scroll through work to work with one click. Not more than that.

3.  The anipull is too dark. It's getting lost in the mix. In fact, I think everything is getting a bit lost in the mix. The whole piece is getting a bit mixed up and the composition is getting lost. There are value issues happening.

4. There are scaling issues that are happening here.

5. I'm also getting a bit lost in detail and I've been feeling that way. I think working in broader strokes might be more helpful. Reducing the size of the image by about 75%.

6. I went back to a thumbnail stage because I realized that I had glossed over some important details which are to solidify what I like about the thumbnail
A) Is it an emotion,
B) a nice perspective,
C) how the environment is lit
D) the composition.
E) A clear sense of shapes.

7) These are where the thumbnails stand so far but there is one last step for me in the thumbnail stage, I want to make sure that:
A) The scale on the thumbnails 
B) Depth
C) Perspective

8) Once these are in place, I can scale up the painting and paint in the focal points in more detail. I don't want to get overwhelmed with detail, which is a problem I fall into many times. 

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