Friday, July 21, 2017

Now, I took the thumbnail and actually applied some proper perspective, (or tried!). I sat down in Blender and made a few roughs of the layout of the scene just to give myself a sense of size and scale. I wanted to make especially make sure that the bull was going right.

I also noticed something that was beginning to happen as I kept working, especially after this image. I was beginning to zoom in and start focusing too much on detail. I was starting to lose myself in a small part of the painting. Just not helping, I had to almost, pull myself out and remind myself to be quick and broad. In many ways, this has been very challenging. I'm doing a lot of techniques that I don't normally use. It feels a bit weird and awkward at times, but I'm glad that I'm going through this. Experience is the best teacher. More updates to come.


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