Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Even more painting now, the trees are not quite looking right. I'll need to spend some more time here.

More painting, I'm now painting over the lines.

This one was tough because I'm not used to painting in greyscale. This has been a challenge for me because I'm really trying to sit down and figure out my process a little bit more here. Ah well... let's see what happens.

Here it is with all of the finished linework. Someone circled the left portion and pointed out that it's messing up the composition a bit. I'll be fixing that in a little bit .

Monday, June 19, 2017

Here's the farm with more linework. It's looking quite "busy" but once I start painting things in I think it should all clear up. I think. :D

Here's the farm with more finished linework.

I'm adding more linework detain in now. I wanna be clear on all the forms before I go and greyscale them in.

This is like a quick rough paint up but it should indicate the lighting and shadow of the painting.

I touched up the image a little more. I added some mountains and apple trees to guide the viewer's eye a little more. Take a look, and crit away!

Here's the farm in a bit more detail now. I've laid out some more specifics with the farm, ani-pull (a mechanical bull that pulls out crops as it walks), and the ground temperature device on the right. It's still a bit messy but laying things out now. I think I need to either make the mechanical bull on the left smaller or the machine on the right bigger.

I made another rework of the greyscale painting. This is more of like a rough drawing with a few small forms painted in. This is going to get into more detail and specifics but for now, I'm laying out where everything is, and exactly what it is. I'll probably go over the animal (I'm calling it ani-pull because its a robotic cow that pulls out vegetables) and the ground measuring device on the right and the gnomish farm in more pencil just to clarify things a bit more. I'll also get into the trees a little more but here's how things are shaping up right now.

Started on a grey scale of the gnomish farm. A few points, I removed the bridge cuz it wasn't really making sense and the perspective isn't matching up with the thumbnail so I need to shift the horizon. I'm going to redo it. Here's the progress for now

I took the two images that I liked and made a slightly more refined thumbnail.

I tried to fix up the thumbnails and add more dynamic lighting.
Gnomish Farm

I decided to work on some concept art for World of Warcraft. I thought it might be fun to start out with a Gnomish farm. Something simple I guess. Or fun for me. I'm starting with a few basic composition thumbnails and I'm going to gradually add more details etc. I've been trying to work on my process, so I followed the thumbnail "loop" process that Rob Brown laid out in a youtube video.

Characters + Backgrounds = Game

Once we’d settled on both character and background design, the two elements were brought together, along with some rough UI

Other elements like lighting and fog were added to give the game its final look!



The background was an important element of the project, and I tried a number of different styles, finally settling on this.


Next, a color palette that conveyed the depth and darkness, while still working with the character concepts.



Some character silhouettes that I played with

The clients indicated which silhouettes they liked and asked me to expand upon them.


Underwater Dodge-em Game

I worked with a client on a top down dodge-em game. I was asked to develop a general big picture vision of the look and feel for the game. The starting point was an image of their game in the prototype format.

This is what we started with – their prototype

One last version was requested, with the van at a different angle. The greyed-in figure is a placeholder character that was to be added in later.

These are two medium-level pieces of artwork – they’re not entirely finished, but were done to sell the client on a beach concept.

This was a snakeskin holster for one of the cowboys.

Cowboy Theme


This was the final concept art from the main background of a cowboy-based theme

This plate was made as an UI icon for the slot machine – a piece of fine china, with a middle-eastern bend!

The project called for an ice UI, so this is what it looked like in front of the background.
I added this panel to show what it would look like with the slot machine interface.

Gambling/Casino Games

As part of my time at Essential Algorithms Solutions, I worked as a concept artist on a number of slot-machine games. Here were some of the themes that I came up with.

These are some quick, rough drawings, exploring what Ali Baba’s cave might look like.

Russian Circus

We'd decided to do a unique spin on the circus, so we decided to create a Russian Circus!

Inside a Beehive

This theme was based off of the animated movie "A Bee's Life". We designed the furniture, props and zones to be centered around the every day working life of a bee and ultimately this theme was popular with our player base!


One of the more recent advents; a full screen option. Below is a full screen lobby that we created for our 7th anniversary theme Broadway.


This image is from our Monaco theme. We had based this theme upon Monaco which is commonly referred to as the millionaire's playground. We had come up with the idea of basing a cash home upon a millionaire's yacht with matching nautical furniture. We even created a miniaturized version of the Monte Carlo casino. This theme was quite popular, with players really enjoying the idea of a cash home based on a boat.

Heaven vs Hell

This was our heaven and Hell theme. We had come upon an idea of good vs. evil, and we'd set upon a theme where zones would represent, Heaven, Hell, and (our interpretation of) Limbo, a nightclub where angels and devils come to dance!

A Bonnie and Clyde Valentine's

This was our 2013 Valentine's theme.It was based on Bonnie and Clyde and situated in a 1920's styled prohibition era Chicago. We detailed much of this theme with art deco style furniture and buildings, as well a gangster era speak easy with 1920's era jazz musicians (like Edith Piaf.)

The Cooking Challenge

This was our cooking theme that was based off of the popular television show Master Chef Australia. It featured a variety of different rooms and furnitures based on different actual restaurants. In the second screenshot below, we used the popular Japanese restaurant Ninja as a cooking challenge.

Topsy Turvy
This was our Topsy Turvy theme It was based on the television
show and art style of the early 90's tv show Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Content Designer at Dhruva Interactive

At Dhruva, i worked as a content designer, which is a combination of both a junior art director and designer for one of the largest social media games (whose name I can't mention because of a company confidentiality contract.) I would come up with the concepts for the in-game furniture items and zones, make sure that they fit in the game, provide style guides, explain how they should be executed to the 3D artists, ensure the quality of the art, manage the artists, and come up with new themes for each respective quarter.

City of Love

This was one of our most popular themes. We created a Valentine's
theme for 2012 based upon 1960's Paris. With more stylish contemporary
furniture juxtaposed with the romantics streets of Paris.